July 23 – BBQ Dinosaur Ribs

Grandkids love the variety of meals that we test for 52SundayDinners.com.  When the answer to “Papa, what’s for dinner?” question was Dinosaur Ribs”, I was immediately met with doubt, until they saw the ribs come off of the grill.  Then their eyes got big.  The huge ribs are actually Beef Ribs, and if prepared properly on your smoker, can be a delicious novelty meal.

Dinosaur Ribs 05Ingredients

  • 5 Pounds – Beef Ribs, with rib meat attached
  • 1 Teaspoon – Vegetable Oil
  • Salt, Pepper and Granulated Dry Garlic


  1. Coat ribs with vegetable oil and season liberally with salt, pepper and granulated garlic.
  2. Smoke with your preferred hardwood or charcoal briquettes at 220 degrees for 6-10 hours until the meat becomes tender, but does not fall apart.

Dinosaur Ribs 01

Dinosaur Ribs 02

Dinosaur Ribs 05No, that is not a plate.  It is a platter larger than the seat of the chair!

Dinosaur Ribs 07

Dinosaur Ribs 08

Dinosaur Ribs 09Our Quality Control Department

Here in the Deep South, our favorite ribs are pork ribs.  So as the Dinosaur Ribs were slow cooking, I cooked a couple of rack of pork ribs.  Whenever smoke comes out of the smokestack on the smoker, we try to fill the grill.  You want that smoke to do a good day’s work.

Throw in a little potato salad, slaw and maybe some baked beans and you have a real Southern Sunday Dinner.

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