Awesome Southwestern Guacamole

Awesome Guacamole

Ingredients 5 Each – Large Avocados 1 Each – Large Lime, juiced 1.5 Teaspoons – Salt 1 Teaspoon – Black Pepper 2 Each – Roma Tomatoes, diced small and drained 1/3 Cup – Fresh Cilantro Leaves 1 Each – Garlic Clove, minced 1  Each – Jalapeno Pepper, chopped very fine (Optional) Preparation Place ingredients and […]

Fried Zucchini – From The Oven!

Baked Zucchini and Yellow Squash Strips

Our family LOVES Fried Zucchini.  There was once a local East Texas restaurant, J.W. Finn’s, that had a variety of eclectic menu choices.  Their fried zucchini was the best.  It was served as an appetizer, and no matter how much you ordered, it would seem to not be enough!  This baked version of the classic […]

Smoked Tuna Dip


This is a quick and easy appetizer that will have everyone hovering around the buffet before dinner.  The grand kids who are from 4 to 12 blew through a BOX of crackers and this entire dip recipe in 5 minutes. Ingredients 16 oz. –  Canned Albacore Tuna 8 oz. – Cream Cheese 1 Teaspoon – […]

May 15 – Swiss Chard Pasta Salad

Swiss Chard Pasta Salad 03

How about something light and fun for dinner this Sunday?  Stir up a Tupperware(R) container of this delicious Swiss Chard Pasta Salad, a cooler full of soft drinks and head to the park, the beach or the local fishing hole and make fun your first priority.  Eating can be a minor agenda item.  If you […]

Mujadara – Lentils, Rice & Onions – from Biblical Times


Mujadara, Mujaddara, Mujadarah or Megadarra are all different spellings of the same dish.  It is the Arab equivalent to Beans and Rice.  Although it is now served in fine Middle Eastern restaurants, it was once considered a poor man’s meal as it did not contain meat.  Meat was only added for special celebrations.   Written recipes […]

Rainbow Swiss Chard Salad

Rainbow Swiss Chard Salad-v2

Wow! This Rainbow Swiss Chard will become a regular at our table.  Although Swiss Chard is usually cooked like greens, this salad is very delicious.  Everyone loved it the first time I prepared it.  You may prepare it a few hours in advance as long as the avocados are pretty firm.  This is a very […]

Blue Cheese Cabbage Slaw

Blue Cheese Cabbage Slaw

My good friend David Smith returned from a short road-trip to Plano, Texas.  He had lunch at Lockhart Smokehouse.  The barbeque there is award winning and famous, but it was the Blue Cheese Slaw he couldn’t stop talking about.  This is not exactly like Lockhart’s slaw, which is spiked with jalapenos.  Mine is milder and […]

Tabouleh Salad – Greek Taboulleh

02-Tabouleh Greek Salad

I prepare a salad for practically every Sunday Dinner of the year.   Often it is a variation of a green tossed salad.  See navigation tab above.  This Greek Tabouleh Salad is always well received and is appreciate with any Middle Eastern meal.  It is busting with the simple flavors of olive oil, mint and […]

Cucumber Tomato Chickpea Salad

Indian Cucumber Tomato and Chic Pea Salad

This simple salad is a great complement to the Chicken Curry that is contained here in  It is easy to prepare in advance and will keep in your refrigerator for several hours. Ingredients 2 Each – Large Cucumbers, quartered and sliced 4 Each – Roma Tomatoes, quartered and sliced 1 Each – 16 oz. […]

Cilantro Lime Slaw

Cilantro Lime Slaw

Prepare this Cilantro Lime Slaw to complement your Southwestern dish.  It is a little tart, compared to most slaws, but will wake up your taste buds! Ingredients 1 Large Head – Cabbage, sliced on a mandolin at the thinnest setting. 1/6 Head – Purple Cabbage, sliced on a mandolin at the thinnest setting. 1 Bunch […]

Roasted Cauliflower – Healthy & Delicious!

Roasted Cauliflower 08 - Ready to Eat

When I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, my wonderful mother often made a cauliflower casserole.  When I began to cook a few years ago, I got her to share her recipe with me.  She knew it by heart, but copied a well-worn 3″x5″ recipe card for me by hand.   I only cooked it […]

Simple Coleslaw to Complement Any Casual Meal


Our family loves Coleslaw.  In fact EVERY Sunday Dinner includes a tossed green salad or some type, or coleslaw.  Try this simple recipe and adjust it to your taste. Ingredients 1 Head –  Cabbage 3/4 Cup – Mayonnaise 1/4 Teaspoon – Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning 1/2 Teaspoon – Nature’s Seasoning Instructions Remove outer leaves […]

Greek Cabbage Salad

02 Greek Cabbge Salad with Mint

I LOVE salads and this Greek Cabbage Salad with Spinach and Mint is a great addition to almost any dinner.  It will work especially good with beef or lamb, but don’t be afraid to have it support chicken, fish or even burgers! Preparation is very easy.  There is plenty of room for experimenting with different […]

Southern Potato Salad – Texas Special “Tater Salad”

Potato Salad Red Plate2

Potato Salad has been a staple for family gatherings for generations.  My mom made great potato salad.  My wife’s mother and grandmothers made great potato salad.  If you want your relatives to yell, “Don’t forget to bring your special potato salad!” for future family gatherings, try this simple recipe. Ingredients 7 Pounds – Russet Potatoes, […]

Avocado Salad with Lime, Cilantro, Black Beans and Chick Peas


This recipe is a variation on my Avocado / Tomato Salad with Cilantro & Lime recipe. Try this variation of my popular Avocado Salad with added protein of black beans and chick peas. Ingredients 8 Ea – Roma Tomatoes, diced 2 Ea – Limes, juiced 1 Cup – Cilantro, chopped 4 Ea – Large Avocados, […]

Baked Potato Chips and Mixed Grill

00 -Baked Potato Chips

This Potato Side Dish is a popular social media feature, so I thought I would give it a try.  It is easy, tasty and more healthy than the fried alternative.  It is Baked Potato Chips.  Give it a try this Sunday with your favorite MIXED GRILL and you will have a combination that will please […]

REAL Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese

OK, you must promise us you will NEVER take home one of those blue and yellow boxes of fake Macaroni and Cheese again.  If you make this once you will clean out your pantry.  You know you have a couple of boxes in there. Ingredients 12 Ounces – Elbow Macaroni, the smallest size available 1 […]

Stove Top Carrots

Cooked Carrots

This healthy side dish is a favorite of our family.  It is SO easy to prepare, beats frozen vegetables hands down and is filled with healthy vitamins.   Carrots contain the following vitamins: B,C,D,and E. Their carotene is converted into Vitamin A by our bodies.  Just as important, they taste good and the grand-kids love […]

Mini Salad Bar for Family Sunday Dinners

Mini Salad Bar

Hey …. What do you want on your salad?  Don’t worry about it.  When you prepare a garden salad for your family on Sunday night, simply clean and toss the lettuce, spinach, spring  mix or your favorite leafy vegetable and put everything else in this seven (7) compartment divided storage container.  It is a Rubbermaid […]

Mixed Wild Rice

Mixed Wild Rice

Rice-Rice-Rice!  We love Rice! We can’t get enough rice, but we like a little variation in our rice dishes.  Try this one.  It is very simple, tasty. Ingredients 1/2 Cup – Wild Rice 1.5 Cups – Short or Long Grain White Rice 1 Each – Small Onion, chopped fine 2 Teaspoons – Extra Virgin Olive […]

Haricot Verts – Fresh Green Beans

Hericots Vert

OK, it’s a fancy-smancy name for Green Beans, but they seem thinner and fresh.  We purchase them from the big box club store and they are fresh, not frozen. This is one of my wife, Teresa’s, favorite side dishes.  Preparation is too simple. Ingredients 2 Pounds – Haricot Verts 2 Tablespoons – Butter 1/2 Teaspoon […]

Fried Rice – THE Oriental Side Dish

Oriental Fried Rice

Every Asian meal at our home is accompanied by Fried Rice.  My wife Teresa has been cooking this staple for years and takes over the task of preparing the rice. Ingredients 2 Cups –  Long Grain White Rice 4 Cups – Water 2 Teaspoons – Salt 4 Ounces – Frozen Packaged Vegetable Mix with Carrots, […]

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

OK, so this is not the “manliest” recipe posted on  If you want barbeque ribs, steak and man-food.  We have that, too.  This simple appetizer, however, will kick-start your meal off to a good start. Ingredients: 6 Each – Eggs 3 Tablespoons – Mayonaise 2 Teaspoons –  Mustard 1/4 Teaspoon – Lee & Perrin’s […]

Cream Corn

Cream Corn

This is a simple side dish that the whole family will love.  It is a slight dress-up from opening a can. Ingredients 3 Cans –  15.25 Oz. Whole Kernel Corn, or 3# of frozen corn. 4 Tablespoons – Butter 4 Tablespoons – Flour 1/4 Teaspoon – Salt 1/4 Cup – Tomato, Finely Chopped 1/4 Cup […]

Easy Cheezy Potatoes – Great Side for Any Meal


This hearty side dish will be right at home with steak, pork or chicken.  The initial inspiration came from a Houston restaurant several years ago, called Charlie’s Chicken, which differs from the Oklahoma-based chain.  They served up a delicious blend of potatoes and other ingredients and the chef shared with us the basic ingredients. Ingredients […]

The Everything Salad w/Grilled Chicken

Everything Salad with Grilled Chicken

If you are a frequent reader of you know that our family LOVES salads.  Most are light and serve to complement the main course.  This salad is the whole meal. Ingredients 3 Large – Fresh Chicken Breasts (No frozen bird parts, please) 1 Head – Iceburg Lettuce, Quartered and Cut Into 1/2 in Strips […]

Outdoor Grilled Tomatoes

Grilled Tomatoes

If you are grilling beef, chicken, pork or fish, bust open a couple of tomatoes and cook them on your grill at the same time. Ingredients and Preparation Simply trim the top and bottom, then slice in half and rub Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the flat surfaces. Season with your favorite all-spice or Italian […]

EZ EZ EZ Zucchini

EZ EZ EZ Zucchini

If you spend any time at all dining with our family, you are likely going to get a good dose of Zucchini, or Italian Squash.  We often grill it outside, combine it with Yellow Squash or Cucuzza.  Sometimes we like it cooked simply by itself. It will have a very mild taste with a little […]

Tomato Cucumber Salad

Tomato Cucumber Salad with Italian Dressing

This is a very simple salad that remains a staple at our home.  It works well with almost ANY meal. Ingredients 4 – Large Tomatoes, Diced into large pieces 2 – Cucumbers, Diced into large pieces 1 – Small Onion, Sliced. 1.5 Tablespoons – Italian Salad Dressing.  You may use your favorite Italian Dressing or […]

Italian Salad Dressing From Scratch

Italian Salad Dressing Ingredients

This is a simple Italian Salad Dressing I have made from scratch for many years without changing it.  You can’t go wrong with it. Ingredients 3/4 Cup – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 Cup – Water 3 Cloves –  Fresh Garlic, Minced 1 Teaspoon – Garlic Powder 1 Teaspoon – Salt 1/2 Teaspoon – Black […]

The Whatever You Have Salad

The Whatever You've Got Salad

So, you’re preparing your favorite entree tonight and your forgot lettuce for your salad.  No problem. Ingredients Chop whatever fresh vegetables you have handy.  You can use: Broccoli Onions Bell Pepper Carrots Celery Tomatoes Cucumber Cauliflower Asparagus Black Olives Green Olives And Even Cheese Preparation Simply combine chopped ingredients in a serving bowl and add […]

Papa’s Famous Bread Recipe


My Dad is a great cook and bread is his specialty.  His bread recipe has evolved after years of experimenting and testing.  This recipe is what he has determined to be the best tasting combination of ingredients and preparation.  He uses this same recipe, without variation, for bread, pizza dough, ornamental bread, on a cookie […]



Recipe Recipe? You won’t find a recipe here, just a concept.  Simply combine the freshest fruit you can find from your local grocer or farmer’s market.  My wife Teresa used watermelon balls, pineapple, blueberries, and a few strawberries. Place them on 1/2 wooden skewers. Adults will love them.  Children will love them and will eat […]

Swiss Chard – The Valedictorian of Vegetables


There is a reason we call call Swiss Chard “The Valedictorian of Vegetables.”  It is high in nutrients and taste great!  Swiss Chard is very simple to prepare and can be grown in many parts of the US almost year round.  My parents often have Swiss Chard growing in their postage stamp sized garden, and […]

Sicilian Bowtie Pasta Salad


After growing up in an Italian home I can honestly say I ate pasta all the time.  My family, however, never prepared Pasta Salad until recently.  This recipe is similar to my wife’s Pasta Salad.  I’m happy to say it is almost as good as hers.  I hope you like it. Ingredients 16 oz – […]

Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice is a favorite side dish with our family.  And we have been cheating by using the same prepared mix for over 30 years.  We have modified it to suit our taste.  You may like the original better, but we find the concentration of seasoning to be too overpowering. This is our variation.  It […]

Simple Early Lettuce Salad in Purple Cabbage Bowl

Fresh Young Lettuce Salad in Red Cabbage Bowl

Our family loves fresh salads. We also love variety and don’t want the same side dishes and salads each week.  We were recently able to find very young varieties of lettuce at our local big-box store. Combine the rich colors of the lettuce with the vibrant Purple Cabbage and it is a winning dish before […]

Pimento Cheese on Celery

Pimento Cheese on Celery

It just takes six ingredient recipe, or four ingredients if you don’t count salt or pepper.  This is also a no-cook appetizer, so it would be good to engage the young chefs to help measure, mix and assemble. Ingredients 4 Cups –  Grated Mild Cheddar Cheese, not pre-grated. 4 oz. – Pimentos 1/2 Cup – […]

Carrot Side Dish


Carrot Side Dish This is too easy and simple to list here, but if you are looking for a simple quick side dish that will go with any meal, stop here. Ingredients 2 Pounds –  Fresh Carrots 1 1/2 Tablespoon –  Stick Butter Morton Nature’s Seasoning 1 Teaspoon –  Parsley Flakes, fresh or dried Preparation […]

Dressed-Up Cauliflower


Cauliflower is often steamed in a medley of carrots and broccoli.  My mother, Mama Sara, cooks a great cauliflower casserole.  It has heavy cream, butter, cheese, etc.  I tried it one time and it was over a zillion calories.  Yum! This is a simple side dish to cook when you are tired of rice or […]

Avocado / Tomato Salad with Cilantro & Lime


Many meals are centered around the meat or main entree. If you add this fresh salad to almost any beef, chicken, pork or fish dish, the salad will be the STAR! See this Pork Chop Dinner using this recipe.  I can guarantee that no matter how much of this Avocado Salad you prepare, your family […]

Fresh Garden Salad


Fresh lettuce.  Start there.  Don’t even THINK about bringing home a sack of lettuce that was cleaned and chopped in another state, placed in a neat little plastic bag, stored in a food warehouse, delivered to your grocer, sat on the shelf and brought home to your house several days after it was cut.  Imagine […]