“Minute Corn” Carcinogen on the Cob


Our “Stupid Food” for this month is a vacuum packed pair of perfectly formed ears of Corn on the Cob.  It was picked last year in Thailand, vacuum packed in plastic, shipped across the ocean, shipped to a warehouse somewhere in the US and then delivered to an unrefrigerated shelf in your local grocery store.  […]

Watermelon By The Slice


I always have enough material for the “Stupid Food” collection, but this is another fine example of the grocer packaging an item for your convenience and making a bundle. The Grocer’s Upsell Program He takes a watermelon with a “street price” of say $4.00.  He run a sharp knife through it a few times and […]

Pre-Boiled Hard Boiled Eggs


This sounds like a skit from Wayne’s World or Dumb & Dumber … “Hey Dude, let’s buy a refrigerator full of eggs, boil them all at one time and we’ll have them to eat all year long.” “But won’t they rot before we can eat ’em?” “You have a point there.” The advantage of pre-boiled […]

Stupid Microwavable Potatoes

microwave potatoes

This is a genius advertising and packaging idea.  Among the 5# and 10# bags of potatoes my local grocer is now stocking a surprise, Microwavable Potatoes! These nice little packages were individually wrapped in plastic.  The potatoes were uniform in size and were presented with a nice label on each.  Based on the individual price, […]

Stupid Pre-Toasted Toast


I almost tripped over my shopping cart when I saw a package of bread already toasted into …. drumroll …. TOAST, in my local grocery store. Are there people in my town that don’t know the recipe for making toast. Step 1 – Insert sliced bread in toaster Step 2 – Push side lever Now […]