Thanksgiving Dinner – I know, it doesn’t fall on a Sunday

This year, try something different for your Thanksgiving turkey.  Deep fry it.  This process has been popular for abut 20 years, and if you have not given it a try, do it this year.  The precautions are VERY important.  Every year several houses and apartment complexes are burned-down while frying turkeys.  This notice is not intended to stop you from enjoying this technique, only to beg you to follow the basic safety measures explicitly.

There are many good resources for safety and cooking times.  Here are a couple:

Two key points to remember:

  1. The turkey will displace several quarts of oil when you insert it into the pot.  Hot oil overflowing onto an open flame is a bad combination.

Rather than rewrite the process, follow the steps in the link.They are very good.  And if you burn down your apartment building, you won’t call me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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